Opening hours

The library is open from monday to friday, 09 am to 3 pm. To check out books and get help, please ask the Servicedesk.

You can use the cart function to reserve and borrow books, so that we can prepare them. You then only will have to collect the requested books:

  1. Search literature via the Macromedia Catalog and open selected media via the “Abrufen der Katalogposition”-button.
  2. A new browser window will open (which by the way is the traditional OPAC). In this window click on “Add to your cart”. (If you started your research in the OPAC, ignore step 1).
  3. Click “cart” in the main navigation.
  4. Click “sent” to mail your reservation of books to your local library.
  5. Mail your cart to
  6. Your librarian will let you know when your reservation is ready for you and will tell you a date when to collect your books.

The library is located in our lounge.

State Library of Württemberg

Students located in Baden-Württemberg can use the following offers of the State Library of Württemberg:

  • online media and databases
  • media can be send to your home with a fee of 5€ per package

If you do not have a borrower’s card, please fill out the following application (works without a signature):

Make sure to check their opening hours at: