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Currently only book lending possible

Because of the new Covid-19 rules, currently only book lending is allowed. Using the library for research or other purposes is not possible at the moment.

Please use the cart function to reserve and borrow books:

  1. Search literature via the Macromedia Catalog and open selected media via the "Abrufen der Katalogposition"-button.
  2. A new browser window will open (which by the way is the traditional OPAC). In this window click on "Add to your cart". (If you started your research in the OPAC, ignore step 1).
  3. Click "cart" in the main navigation.
  4. Click "sent" to mail your reservation of books to your local library.
  5. Mail your cart to library.b
  6. Your librarian will let you know when your reservation is ready for you and will tell you a date when to collect your books.



The library is located directly by the Student Service Desk in room B-105.

Berlin State Library

The Berlin state library offers a full access to their

Link to stabikat+

E-Books, content in licensed databases, online magazines and Open-Access-Resources can be found on stabikat+, their literature search engine. You can get access to the stabikat+ here: stabikat+

It is also possible to do an online registration through the website of the Berlin state library. A temporary account will be created that will be finalised after visiting the library on site. More information about the registration can be found here: Information for the registration

List of libraries with online services

Here is a list of other libraries in Germany that offer online services or online material, literature, etc. :

link list of libraries offering online services

It is a list of research libraries and public libraries that are sorted alphabetically by city names. The usage is for free in most cases, but unfortunately this list is completely in German.





Sabine Scholz

Sabine Scholz