Macromedia Library

The library

One library, five locations – that’s the principle behind the Macromedia Library. The library’s standards and any changes or developments are decided by the dean’s office in conjunction with the library management.

The library has separate sites on all campuses. All the different sites use the same library system and have a shared online public access catalogue (OPAC).


The Macromedia Library originated in a student project – the “freshpages” library – led by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Faust. The structures of the freshpages library form the basis for today’s Macromedia Library.


The Macromedia Library is committed to preserving and increasing knowledge. It plays a central role in the university’s culture and day-to-day life, and is responsible for creating an environment that fosters academic research. The library is greatly aided in this goal by its staff and resources.

Further information

The library primarily serves members of Macromedia University. But its collections are also available to any interested external users. You can find the opening hours of the individual libraries in the section "Libraries on the spot". The conditions of use for all users, including external users, can be found under Using the library.