Classification System


The Macromedia Library uses the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK) as a classification system. All libraries apply it to their holdings. Postings with the main groups of the RVK can be found in all campus libraries. As the origin of the RVK is in Germany, a complete translation does not exist. We adapted the main groups we use, you can find a translation of some groups on the Homepage of the RVK.

Campus Allocation (Code)

The holdings of the Macromedia Library have no code in the shelf marks to distinguish the copies of the single locations. You can recognise the books of your campus by the assigned location.

This means that the same shelf marks can be used once by every campus and so be found more than once in the OPAC.

Structure of the Notation

The 33 subjects which were traditionally taught at German Universities are the basis for the specialized classification of the notations. Every subject consists of a main group and a subgroup. Displayed are these groups in the first two letters and the following three to five numbers (depending on the subject).

An example to help you understand the structure:

QP 624 D264

  • The first letter represents the main subject

    • Q = economics

  • The second letter supplements the first one to form the main group of the subject

    • QP = General Business Administration

  • The numbers arrange the main group in subgroups and help to specify the subject

    • QP 624 = Range of Goods, Product Design

The classification QP 624 is part of the following subgroups:

QP 410 - QP 890: Elements of the Firm

QP 600 - QP 690: Marketing

QP 620 - QP 624: Marketing Instruments

QP 624 D264 = Individual parts to identify the single copy ⇒ See Structure of the shelf mark

Structure of the Shelf Mark

Every shelf mark is formed by an encoded heading term. As general rule the heading term consists of the author or editor of the publication.

In Regard to the example from above, this means:

QP 624 D264 = heading term is the author Scott Davis

If more than publication from the same author or in the case of authors share the same encoding the shelf mark is augmented by a second encoding:

QP 624 D264 B8 =The first term of the title was encoded to distinguish the publications ⇒ the encoding can consist of up to three numbers

Further possible differentiations of publications are:

  • Specification of edition

    • QP 624 D264(2) = Second edition of the book

  • Specification of copies

    • QP 624 D264+2 = Second copy of the book

  • Specification of multipart items

    • QP 624 D264-2 = Second tome of a multipart item

  • Specification of the year

    • QP 624 D264.2000 = Edition of the book from the year 2000

Holdings of the Macromedia Library

For the study courses of Macromedia University the most important groups are:

  • Film and Television

    • AP (Media and Communication Management, Communication Design)

  • Journalism:

    • AP (Media and Communication Management, Communication Design)
    • ZX - ZY (Sport)

  • Management:

    • QP (General Business Administration)

  • Media Management:

    • AP (Media and Communication Management, Communication Design)
    • QP (General Business Administration)
    • ZX - ZY (Sport)

  • Media- and Communication Design:

    • AP (Media and Communication Management, Communication Design)
    • LD, LH - LO (Art History)