Obtaining items not held in stock

If the items you are looking for are not available in the Macromedia Library collection, you have the following options:

Interlibrary loans

An interlibrary loan allows you to borrow books from other libraries via your own library. The Macromedia Library is not signed up to an interlibrary agreement and so does not offer any interlibrary loans. This means it is not possible for our users to request books from other libraries, nor for our books to be loaned to other libraries.

If you need an interlibrary loan, you will need to be registered at another library in your place of study that offers this service. To find out more, see the “Further information” section for your campus. Please note that there is generally a charge for interlibrary loans.

Document delivery service

Subito is a paid service that delivers documents to users from academic libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Subito provides copies of articles and books, and also offers book loans.

The participating libraries and prices for the various services can be viewed on the Subito website. Registering with Subito is free of charge.