Borrowing items


Anyone who is registered to use the library can borrow items from the Macromedia Library. Items can only be taken out during the opening hours of the libraries in Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin.


All Macromedia Library sites are open-shelf libraries. The libraries’ holdings are divided into a reference and a lending collection. The reference collection comprises core texts for all courses at the relevant campus. The lending collection comprises all additional copies of core texts and secondary literature.

Each campus library subscribes to journals and periodicals. The following journals and periodicals are available at all campuses:

  • Publizistik
  • Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft (MuK)
  • The Economist (only at campuses with international students)
  • Harvard Business Review
  • MIT Sloan Management Review

Each campus also offers additional journals and periodicals depending on the schools’ requirements. Journals and periodicals are currently being added to the OPAC, and will be available there from summer semester 2018.

User groups

Macromedia Library users are divided into the following groups:


  • Lecturers
  • Students/academy attendees
  • Other university members
  • External users

The maximum number of items that users can borrow at one time varies depending on which group they belong to (between 5 and 15 items, see the tables in the downloads section).

Special conditions for students writing their bachelor’s/master’s thesis:

Students in their final semester who are writing their bachelor’s or master’s thesis can apply for extended loan periods. To do so, they must present confirmation from their supervisor that they are writing their thesis in the current semester. You can find a corresponding form in the downloads section.

Loan periods

Reference collection:

Items can be borrowed from the reference collection for use on campus, but cannot be taken home.

Same-day loan (reference collection):

A same-day loan allows an item from the reference collection to be borrowed for use on campus outside the library. To arrange a same-day loan, please take the books you wish to borrow to the library desk before you leave. The items must be returned the same day before the library closes.

Weekend loan (reference collection):

Items from the reference collection can be borrowed over the weekend. It is possible to take out weekend loans in the last two hours before the library closes for the week. The items must be returned no later than one hour after the time the library reopens the following week.

Lending collection:

Items from the lending collection can be borrowed for a period of 21 days (university members) or 14 days (external users).

Journals and periodicals:

Journals and periodicals can only be borrowed by members of the university. The loan period is 14 days for lecturers, and seven days for research associates, students and academy attendees.

Loans for lecturers:

Lecturers can borrow items for extended periods. The precise conditions can be found in the table “Loans for lecturers”.

The precise loan periods for all users and media can be found in the table in the downloads section.

Renewal of the loan period

Lending collection

It is possible to renew items once only for a further 14 days. Extended loan periods are available to lecturers and to students who are writing their thesis.

Journals and periodicals

Only lecturers and research associates can renew journals and periodicals. Only a single renewal is possible.

The precise loan periods can be found in the table in the downloads section.

Reserving items

It is possible to reserve items that are on loan to other users. The number of reservations you can make depends on which user group you belong to. Please note that you can only reserve items that are on loan. It is not possible to have items that are not on loan put aside.

You can reserve items directly through the OPAC. In order to place a reservation, you need to be logged in to your user account. Please note that items can only be reserved at their home library and cannot be ordered to other sites for collection.