Introduction Course (online): The New Macromedia Catalog

The new Macromedia Catalog is online since October. The new catalog is a so called discovery system: here you can find both physical resources (books) and electronic resources and even access those electronic media from the new Macromedia Catalog.

Introduction courses for the new discovery system will be held in order to give everyone the possibility to have a good time with the new system. These online courses are scheduled as follows:

Tuesday, November 10th, 12 o'clock
Wednesday, November 18th, 16 o'clock
Thursday, November 26th, 9 o'clock.

You can access the course via our (day-time) library consultation hour tool. Please use the Google Chrome browser since there might be connection issues with other browsers.

Access the introduction course to the new Macromedia Catalog

(There will also be further introduction courses in December, an update on the dates will be given later in November).