Books and digital Media

With the Macromedia Catalog you can find digital media (e-books, journals and databases) and basic information about our onsite offers.

All our books are displayed on open shelves, which means users can access them directly at their campus library. If you search in our Macromedia Catalog, you will find all the books that are available at any campus.Therefore, please use the location filter to select the library of your campus in order to only find literature that is available at your location.

Digital media can be accessed via the Macromedia Catalog from anywhere, including your home. This includes e-books from Spinger and digital media from the WISO database. Please note that there are different copyrights depending on the databases.

Access the Macromedia Catalog via the search box above, the search box on the Macromedia libraries' home  page as well as via the "Macromedia Catalog" app in the Service Hub.

You can find useful information about the Macromedia Catalog on the right side.