Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine specifically designed to retrieve academic literature. Result lists include both free and fee-based content, which usually are full texts. The Google Scholar index contains more than 400 million documents.

Open Google Scholar

Performing a search on Google Scholar functions the same way as a regular Google search at first. Search results can then be filtered by publication date / period. Often, Google Scholar directly links to the website which provides access to retrieved documents.

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)

BASE is an academic search engine provided by Bielefeld University. BASE indexes more than 150 million documents of which up to 60% are free of charge full texts. Content indexed by BASE include academic journals, repositories and digital collections.

Open BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)

BASE offers both a standard and an enhanced search, additionally the BASE index can be browsed in various ways. Search results can be filtered. Furthermore, one's own search history is recorded and can be used to circle back to previous results. Search results' full texts will either be displayed directly after a click on the title or clicking the title will lead to the vendor's page from where the full text can be accessed.

Hogrefe OpenMind

Hogrefe OpenMind is a data base providing access to open access resources of the Hogrefe publishing house. The data base contains subjects such as pyschology, pychotherapy and psychiatry:

Access Hogrefe OpenMind

IMF eLibrary

The IMF eLibrary is a data base which provides access to all IMF resources. The data base comprises e-books (analytical papers, working papers etc), journals (World Economic Outlook, Regional Economic Outlooks, Global Financial Stability Report, Finance & Development) as well as statistics (International Financial Statistics, Direction of Trade, Balance of Payments and Government Finance Statistics).

Access the IMF eLibrary

The IMF eLibrary can be searched via simple or advanced search. Result lists can be searched separately via the left hand menu. It is also possible to filter the results via the 'Narrow Your Choices' option. Please note that it is necessary to update result lists after chosing any filters by clicking on the magnifying glass.

Ingenta Connect

Ingenta Connect is an academic search engine, which indexes more than 5 million journal articles. Some of those are free access.

Open Ingenta Connect

Journal articles on Ingenta Connect can be retrieved via a standard and an advanced search. Additionaly articles can be browsed by subject, journal or publishing house.

Clicking the button "Modify" will open the Advanced Search. Search results can be limited to free access journal articles further down in the advanced search.