Electronic journals

Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

The EZB is a directory of electronic journals that began as a collaboration between the University of Regensburg and Technical University of Munich libraries. It now has over 600 participating libraries.

The EZB is especially useful if you need to carry out research in a particular electronic journal or check which libraries have it in their collections. The EZB is not suited to searching for topics or individual articles; if you need to do that, you should use the OPAC or databases.

You can list the journals by subject area to get an overview of journals in a particular discipline.

To Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

Access to journals in the EZB

In the EZB, open-access and licensed journals are listed together. A traffic light system is used to indicate which journals can be accessed by members of Macromedia University:

The traffic light symbols are displayed before the journal titles in the list view. If you click through to the full details about a specific journal, you will find more detailed information about the journal and its availability.

Please note that restricted-access journals can only be accessed from the Macromedia University campuses. It is not possible to access electronic journals remotely from home (see also JSTOR).

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